Rooms that offer true
rest and relaxation.


A pure moment in spring,
the best scene of the down,
with a hazy moon,
like cherry brossoms'
ephemeral brightening.

  • A room where you can enjoy the essence of "Inn stay".
    A room designed with the utmost luxury to ensure you have a clean and relaxing time.
    A room with a study room, an open-air bath in Kinsen, a semi-open-air bath in Ginsen,
    A rich time to relax your mind and body with outdoor steam baths and footbaths...
    This is a room where you can truly experience the essence of "Inn stay"

  • Japanese Shoin-zukuri style rooms, various types of the Kinsen and Ginsen hot spring baths.
    Enjoying and being fully satisfied in a luxurious atmosphere as if the entire inn are kept only for you.

It is a woody Western-style interior
that is surrounded by
the warmth of natural wood.

  • Bedroom
  • Open-air bath of
    Kinsen hot-spring

Kinsen of Arima hot-spring contains the variety of active ingredients, whose plentifulness is rare even in the world.
Especially, it contains a lot of lithium ions and can be expected to have relaxing and healing effects.

  • Semi open-air bath of Ginsen

Our hotel's silver spring, "Radium" spring is collected in our own fount.

Enjoy bathing, and relax your mind and body in the moment of luxury.

  • Footbath of Ginsen

Arriving the room, the footbath of Ginsen with the fragrance of natural wood heals your body and mind, washing away the fatigue of the journey.

  • Steam bath of Ginsen

Away from the town, in the forest, enjoying ultimate relaxation in our unique steam bath of radium hot spring.

Japanese-Western style Room: approximately 100㎡
Japanese style Room: approximately 70㎡
Western style Room: approximately 64㎡
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