The room, which is reminiscentv
of a colourful moment


Like maples attractively dyeing mountains in golden and crimson, it's a rich and colourful moment.

  • We look forward to welcoming you to Yuyama Momiji.
    Like the autumn leaves of momiji(maple) that dye the mountains golden, crimson, and glossy,
    we provide a variety of baths of Kinsen open-air bath, Ginsen steam bath, semi open-air bath and footbath.
    From each of the baths we can see a view of the vivid seasonal landscapes.
    We offer healing experience that will evem make you forget your everyday life.

  • The design inspired by the beauty of nature, bringing comfort to all visitors.
    The pure Japanese interior invokes the sense of seasonal changing of nature, which emphasises the special moment of yours.
  • Open-air bath of Kinsen hot-spring

Kinsen of Arima hot-spring contains the variety of active ingredients, whose plentifulness is rare even in the world.
Especially, it contains a lot of lithium ions and can be expected to have relaxing and healing effects.

  • Semi open-air bath of Ginsen

Our hotel's silver spring, "Radium" spring is collected in our own fount.

Enjoy bathing, and relax your mind and body in the moment of luxury.

  • Footbath of Ginsen

Arriving the room, the footbath of Ginsen with the fragrance of natural wood heals your body and mind, washing away the fatigue of the journey.

  • Steam bath of Ginsen

Away from the town, in the forest, enjoying ultimate relaxation in our unique steam bath of radium hot spring.

Japanese-Western style Room: approximately 100㎡
Japanese style Room: approximately 70㎡
Western style Room: approximately 64㎡
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